Vault Hair Easy Haircare Tips

Getting more organized and losing weight tend to be at the top of most people’s New Year’s Resolutions. If you’ve long lusted after luscious locks yet never seem to take the steps to get there, here are 5 do-able hairstyling habits to start right now.

2013-01-02_13.07.471. SCHEDULE FREQUENT TRIMS

You’ve heard it 100 times and you’re going to keep hearing it again and again: one of the very first secrets to sultry tresses is keeping them in tip top shape with frequent trims. That means every 6 to 8 weeks ladies, regardless of whether or not you’re growing your hair out. Keeping those ends maintained will make for healthier hair that’s easier to style, too. If you aren’t great at remembering to schedule those trims, book them far ahead of time! So next time you go in for your haircut at Vault Hair, go ahead and book the next one right there.

Better yet, schedule all of this year if you can! How does every 8 weeks at 4pm sound? Your hair is healthier already.


You don’t need to condition your hair every day, in fact it’s listed as one of the major bad hairstyling habits you should stop now. But you should make an effort to deep condition your locks at least once a month. It’s one of the great ways to revitalize your hair, especially if it’s color treated or you use hot tools often. An overnight conditioner, hair mask or in-salon mineral oil treatment will add some much-needed moisture to your locks, soften the hair and restore shine, too.


If you’re addicted to your curling or flat iron, it’s time to relax, just a little bit! There are plenty of alternative hairstyles that don’t require hot tools. Try some fun braids, a pretty bouffant or the famous top knot. Or pamper yourself with the current Vault Hair pampering session for $18 – wash and blow-dry or ghd styling session. Your hair sounds healthier already.

2013-01-02_13.06.074. SWAP OUT YOUR BRUSHES

Be honest: how long have you really had that hair brush? Just like our makeup brushes, tress tools should be swapped out regularly. Brushes full of hair cause frizz and worn bristles can mess with your hair’s cuticle. Just for good measure, make it a habit of changing out your hair brushes every six months.


Did you know that you should be changing your shampoo every few months? Your hair actually benefits from a bit of change every now and then so if you’ve noticed it’s been a bit less manageable than normal, it may be time for a quick shampoo swap. Consult with your Vault Hair stylist next time you visit.


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