Having trouble deciding whether to go darker or lighter?


{It’s a big decision/commitment, I know, I’ve been there!}
Here’s some tips that will help you find the perfect shade…
Have lots of pink in your skin: A cool, baby blonde is gorgeous with rosy skin freshens the face yet prevents the skin from looking too flushed. Conversely, rosy skin (or even just a face full of bubble-gummy makeup) will clash with warm, brown hair.
Want to cut your hair short: When a short haircut is really hot, it’s always on a blonde – this is probably partly due to highlights’ ability to play up a style’s shape.
Need a lift: Going blonde can adds brightness to your look—and your outlook.
Have very thin hair: Darker strands add dimension and the illusion of thickness to fine, airy hair. To add extra depth, colour the under-layers a slightly richer shade than the top.
Have an olive complexion: No skin tone is better suited to chocolaty strands. A rich brown will counteract your complexion’s tendency toward sallowness, as well as make your eyes and teeth look whiter.

Can’t deal with high-maintenance hair? Keeping up with lightened locks is costly and time-consuming, while going darker can require as few as two visits a year. Brunettes also have an easier time colouring at home because you’re not removing pigment (as you must to go blonde) and don’t have to worry about brassiness.


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