Round, Oval, Heart? Flattering Hairstyles by Face Shape

In  response to clients’ queries, we wanted to share guidelines on flattering hairstyles by face shapes. No matter your face shape – round, oval, square, heart or long – there will be haircuts that look best on you. How do you find and choose a haircut that balances your facial features and creates a natural symmetry between your face and hair? The goal and purpose of this guide is to help you find the most flattering hairstyles.











Before we start, please note Vault Hair’s cardinal rule: Get the Haircut that Makes You Feel Good About Yourself. 

When you read about hairstyles and face shapes, you may feel inundated by rules: women with long faces should never wear long hair! Got a round face? Never go short! yadda, blah, yadda, blah.

While these are guidelines for flattering haircuts, they are really just that: guidelines. The secret to looking gorgeous is really in one’s attitude. The last thing you, or we, want, for you to do is to get a haircut that makes you feel unlike yourself.

# Find your face shape

Knowing the shape of your face will make your style choices easier and will also help you to communicate better with your hairstylist. And good communication is key to a successful outcome at the salon!


  • Stand in front of a mirror. Pull your hair completely back and secure with a clip.
  • Take a easy to wipe marker-pen and draw around the outline of your face on the mirror.
  • Compare the result with one of the following shapes and find the face shape that is closest to yours.



# Heart Face – Wider at forehead and hairline, and narrowing down to a small pointy chin.


Haircut & Style: layered bob with extra volume and outward flicks at chin level. Asymmetric cuts are also flattering. Curls and waves are helpful. The best length is chin-length or longer. Adding wispy bangs will enhance the overall look and balance the wider forehead. Adding height and volume around the temple may not be flattering.



# ROUND FACE – wide, short forehead, full jaw and round chin.


Haircut & Style: the round shape normally makes the cheeks appear wider. Most short hair cuts works well for round face as long as there is some height at the crown area and little fullness above the ears to slim down the round face. Soft cuts with sophisticated layers coming forward onto the face look stylish and is an ideal hair style. Soft curls will also flatter. For straight hair, asymmetric cuts can also be an option. Rule of thumb: Consider any style that could break the symmetry and roundness of your face.


# SQUARE FACE – a wide, short forehead with a square jaw that is in line with your cheekbones.


Haircut & Style: square edges can be softened by breaking the symmetry of a square shape (off-centre parting and side curves). Graduated layers with some volume at crown and soft curls looks stylish on this type of face shape. Avoid straight, blunt or heavy bangs.




# LONG (OBLONG) FACE – with high forehead and long jaw and chin.


Haircut & Style: You can create more width for long straight hair with bangs – blunt bangs to long, side swept bangs. Chin length bobs are also ideal because they create the illusion of width. Consider the uber-trendy long bob which is very flattering. Ask your stylist for an “A-line Long Bob” where the back is about 1.5 inches shorter than the front. If you like short hair, avoid short layers that add volume on top. Long straight hair is typically a no-no on a long face shape because it drags the face down. However, you can  break this “no long hair” rule if you have waves or curls which adds body and width to the sides of the face.

# OVAL FACE – high forehead and narrow, slightly rounded chin.


Haircut & Style: this is the most balanced face shape and almost perfect for any length and type of hairstyle. Just consider styles that work best for your hair type and age.





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