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11873673_1056150437737470_6067345361557239165_nThe Christmas holidays are over, kids are back to school, you’re back at work. It’s already the end of January in the new year (freak out)! So without a doubt your calendar is getting pretty chock full of upcoming hen’s parties, weddings, work functions, school fetes, formals. . . don’t worry, we’ve got you. Check out our Ultimate Hair Pamper Package which will banish naughty grey away and give lustre and texture to update your look for the festive season. Treat yourself or buy gift vouchers for your mother, sister, wife and friend.


Being in the industry for over 30 years has opened our eyes to a lot of concerns people have about chemicals in cosmetic products.  Plus it means that ever since then we have been literally addicted to grabbing bottles and scanning the long lists of chemical names on the labels and finding that some of them actually make sense.

Not all are comprehensible.  Although the packaging on a product may scream that it’s free from some compound or other that’s currently causing concern, a scan of the ingredients list will reveal that the hated chemical IS actually present in another slightly different form. Sulfate in all its forms is an ingredient HATED  by lots of you – it can cause reaction, rashes and irritation to skin.  Because it’s cheap it’s added to many cosmetic products – think anything foamy – it works really well to make suds and bubbles.  You can also find it in loads of cheap cleansers, soaps and handwashes.  Look out for the ingredients sodium laureth sulfate or sodium laurel sulfate (SLS and SLES).

So we know lots of you are on an everlasting hunt for a good sulfate free shampoo – here’s one to add to your list.  There’s a big craze at the moment for hair products which nourish and revive hair naturally without the use of silicones.  Using naturally occurring oils like argan oil (Certified Organic Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner pack) and olive oil which can actually penetrate hair’s lipid structure and enrich deeply.


  • Less is more, way more. Use a twenty cent sized dollop of shampoo, max. It’s not conditioner that causes buildup; it’s really your cleanser. Invest in a quality shampoo, your hair will love you for it.
  • Don’t be so gentle. Take hands straight to the back of your head ad vigorously scrub your scalp for at least 3 minutes. Less product, more action. Consider it an aquatic triceps workout.
  • Conditioner is strictly for hair only. Avoid your scalp at all costs (or suffer limp-noodle syndrome). Lightly graze your fingertips over the top of your head. That’s it.
  • Stop stressing over a wide-tooth comb. It’s a myth. A bristle brush will work just fine. Just remember to run it through your hair before rinsing out the conditioner.



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